Bergen Ranch is a diviserfied ranch with many entities

Cowboy Poems I will try to put a new Poem in every month

This is from my fourth book "The oil patch"



Ya! It takes five good men and a Super too,

To run a service rig and follow it through.

To service a well and to get her to flow,

while keepin’ her steady and not let her blow.

They are workin’ hard in the sleet snow and rain,

Just doin’ their job, and they’ll never complain.

They’re freezing their butts, or in sweltering heat

As they trip in and out, and then they’ll repeat.

They’re all doin’ fine until they hit a catch,

It may be a hydrate or something to latch.

They’re tearin’ their hair, just for somethin’ to keep

At figurin’ what’s there ten thousand feet deep.

It’s all in the scope of a given day’s work,

It”s somethin’ no driller or roughneck will shirk.

Or Derrick men working way up in the air

a grabbin’ and twistin’, just doing their share.

They’re tough, and they’re rugged and live a fast life

Not meant for family and tough on a wife.

They all get along, this family of five,

Lookin’ after each other just stayin’ alive.





Cowboy poems by Ron Gale are funny, exciting and educational.  This book is his first Cowboy Poems book and is about things that happened in Ron’s early life from thirteen to thirty-six.  Available on kindle or at Ron Gale’s page or at