Cowboy Jargon and Novels

Riding through the sagebrush,

My trusty hoss by my side.

I may not have much cash,

But I've got a heart of pride.

I'll lasso any trouble,

And round it up with ease.

My spurs may jingle,

But don't cross me, please.

I'm a cowboy through and through,

My grit is tough as nails.

I may live a simple life,

But I'm rich in cowboy tales.

Billy O'Reilly

Get ready for an adventure in this one-of-a-kind novel! You'll be swept away by the fictional tale interwoven with a treasure trove of real information. Every detail from the spring blooms to the towering trees is described so vividly, you'll feel like you're right there alongside the characters.

Picture this: a boy born in the East who embarks on a thrilling journey into the frontier, driving cattle through Texas, Montana, and all the way up to Canada. But that's not all - drama unfolds as he discovers his mysterious Eastern relatives who are after something he legally inherited, but they can't have as long as he's alive. Get ready for a heart-pumping ride through uncharted territory as you follow this unforgettable story!

Cowboy Jargon

Introducing the ultimate guide to cowboy jargon! This dictionary provides a comprehensive collection of popular cowboy lingo and phrases used in the American West. From saddle lingo to ranch terminology, this dictionary covers it all. Explore cowboy slang, colloquialism, and idiomatic expressions unique to the cowboy culture. With this dictionary at your side, you'll have no trouble deciphering cowboy conversations and understanding the rich heritage of the cowboy world. Perfect for anyone interested in western culture, horseback riding, or Old West history, this dictionary offers a fun and informative glimpse into cowboy jargon. So saddle up and come along on this linguistic journey into the cowboy way of life.

A Dictionary of Cowboy and Western Slang

Sally Gets A Curly Horse

This captivating children's book follows the story of Sally, a young girl who is passionate about horses but struggles to be near them due to her allergies. Despite her setbacks, Sally refuses to give up on her dream of riding and working with horses. Through a stroke of luck, she discovers that she can ride and handle curly horses without any allergic reactions. This discovery opens up a whole new world for Sally as she explores her love of horses and finally gets to experience the excitement of riding and caring for them.

Kisse Manitou Wayo

Get ready to be transported back to the wild and untamed Western Canada of the late eighteen hundreds in this thrilling tale of a young Cree boy who dared to live life on his own terms. Kisse Manitou Wayo, also known as Almighty Voice, lived a life of adventure, hunting, and rebellion against the strict discipline enforced by the North-West Mounted Police. But when Kisse finds himself in trouble with the law, his fight for justice turns into a thrilling and dangerous manhunt that spans three Canadian provinces and into Montana. Will Kisse be able to outrun the law and fulfill his destiny as the Almighty Voice of the Cree peoples? Filled with action, drama, and heart-pumping suspense, this is a book you won't be able to put down.